Monday, June 2, 2008

Wall Street Week with Crazy Man

I used to do a joke about this homeless dude near me whose rants alternated between the bizarre ("There are aliens living amongst us!") to the thoughtful ("Why aren't there pedestrian traffic signals on Park Avenue between 45th and 57th Streets?")

(To be honest, the joke wasn't true - he didn't rant about aliens.)

This morning, on my subway downtown, there was this lunatic with a West Indian accent pontificating on the War, The Bible, etc. But he wasn't any ordinary nutjob.

He discussed how the drop in the dollar was going to eventually make the EU the dominant global the U.S. was in the process of ______, some word that he said was Greek, meaning "falling down"... and even how we shouldn't eat bagels when we get to work because they are empty calories.

For a while, I even paused my game of Tetris to listen. Then, he spoke about how TV is rotting our brains and we should be interacting more with others. That's when I decided he was just another lunatic and went back to my game of Tetris.

Rock On,



Sarah Brooks said...

Yeah, he doesn't have a clue what he's talking about! Gotta get back to my show, can't talk now!

Harris said...

hey sarah brooks,


rock on,


molly said...

do you ever see the guy who sometimes sells (washington sq park, usually, but he gets around) little hopping toys? and says over and over in this scratchy voice, "good for caaaaats. good for caaaats"