Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Importance of Cake

Josie and I went to our first caterer food tasting yesterday. Though it's always fun to eat good stuff (or bad stuff, for that matter), I couldn't help but feel anxious the entire time as the caterers were expecting comments.

When we had a moment alone, I asked Josie, "What am I sposed to say, that the zucchini fritters could've used more more salt and perhaps a dash of cumin?"
"Just tell them what you liked and what you didn't."

So when Venetia asked about the lamb with the pomegranate sauce, I said, "Yeah, that was good."
When she asked about the salmon with the maple glaze, I responded, "Umm, yeah, good."
When she asked about the duck with some sorta salsa, I replied, "Yeah, that was, umm, good."

If they had any more food, I was thinking of switching it up by rubbing my belly with one hand and giving a thumbs up with the other.

She did give us one warning, which was my favorite part of the evening - a cautionary tale of a bride who wanted to save money on the cake and ended up buying one from a Puerto Rican bakery*. It cost like 140 bucks and was for 200 people (so ya know something was wrong).

ANYWAY, long story short, the caterers spent part of the wedding picking dead flies and hair from the cake. Awesome.

Rock On,


* She specifically said "Puerto Rican bakery" - I wonder how she knew the bakery was "Puerto Rican?" Did the bride actually tell her that..."Yeah, I got it at some Puerto Rican bakery" - or maybe I misheard her and the name of the place is "Puerto Rican Bakery."

Either way, dead flies and hair - sounds like the name of a punk band


Anonymous said...

They were picking dead flies and hair off the cake...why...bc once the dead flies and hair have been PICKED off it was ok to serve? Nice wedding. Did they serve the steak once it has been picked up off the floor and rinsed in the sink?

Anonymous said...

Let me guess...the caterer was willing to make you guys a wedding cake also for a "small" fee..yeah..she made that story up. Go with wedding cupcakes...much less expensive and are a fun new trend.

Harris said...

hey anonymouses,

for some reason, i didn't even think of that - i guess i woulda done the same thing...

But no, I dont think they evwen do wedding cakes - she was just warniong me about spending 30K on a wedding and then having everyone remember the cake cause the dye stained everyone's tongue.

Actually, we were planning on going the cupcake route...but only with live flies (dead flies are a bad sign, no?)

Rock on,


Josh Homer said...

I thought you hated the words "good" and "nice"?

I agree with anonymous, the story sounds made up or at least exaggerated. Maybe flies got in the cake, but hair? Is hair an ingrediant at a PR bakery? And they picked them our and served it? Sounds like a case of Bush tactics to scare you into a course of action.


PS. I'm baking a carrot cake for my wife's birthday, I can save you guys a few pieces. I promise no hair, flies maybe, but definitely no hair.

Harris said...

hey josh homer,

i do...I'd never use either as an adjective describing anything...but here, I'm recounting a conversation, and the banality of my response IS what I'm trying to it fits.

but yeah, i hate the word "nice" so much that when I do use it, it's usually meant sarcastically.

I'd agree with you but they dont do wedding cakes - they actually recommended cupcakes too (which they dont make but could recommend)

carrot cake? vegetables in cake?!? that's an oxymoron as far as I'm concerned.

rock on,


Josh Homer said...

Dude, I have a trophy for my carrot cake! I broke up with an ex and her aunt asked if I could still make the cake for them. It's good. I do think that vegetables are the devil's work, but this is an exception.

Josh "Yes I'm Black" Homer

josie said...

josh - i'll take the carrot cake. i have no issues with the vegetables.

Josh Homer said...

I'll let you know how this one turned out. I used "splenda" in the cake because Nadia wanted me to cut down the sugar. Not sure how that will taste.


josie said...

splenda is made from sugar, so it tastes like sugar.

yeah, i buy into the hype.

so???? how was it????