Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Illness Sounds Like A Plant-Eating Dinosaur

You ever have a pain in your side for two months, assume you have kidney cancer but it ends up being diverticulitis?

I must admit, it's been fun making Josie swear she'll never marry again. (She refused to swear she'll never date again - can you believe that?!?)

UPDATE: Upon reading this blog entry, a friend said she thought that diverticulitis was just for "fat, old people."


Rock On,



josie said...

actually, my favorite thing is when you pick random people to give all of your belongings away to, as part of pretend will, because you are dying of kidney cancer.

that's my favorite.

Sarah Brooks said...

That is totally not true! I know of a skinny old person that has diverticulitis!

Love the title for this post btw!

Harris said...

hey josie,

that is fun...dammm...we have fun together!

hey sarah brooks,

fine...it's an old person's disease...thanks!

Rock On,