Tuesday, June 24, 2008

If you recall, Stewie was recently on The CBS Early Show to test this new dog IQ test.

I have joked that I didn't know if I wanted him to do it for fear that we'll find out that he's smarter than I am.

ha ha, right?


Last night, I was putting treats into the kong toy for Stewie to get out. A couple I had to jam in there and tried to get them out, figuring Stewie wouldn't be able to. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to. I tried for a few minutes to no avail. Josie said that I should just give it to Stewie anyway...that's the idea...it'll give him something to do.

Two minutes later, he got them out.

Rock On,



Josh Homer said...

Did Stewie rip the toy open? I think we already established that if the dog rips the toy open he's not smarter just stronger.


Harris said...

hey josh homer,

nah...but i'm doing that next time.

rock on,