Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Is That Even On The Menu?

We're trying to have the wedding rehearsal dinner (is that what it's called?) at Carmine's.

Whenever I think of Carmine's, I think of this time I went there with a friend of mine and a few of his friends. One of them is one one of those guys who always has to show how cool, smart, and in-the-know he is - we all know one of them (Living in NY, I know several)

ANYWAY, while waiting for our table, he said, "There's one dish we have to get here."

We all leaned in.

He continued, "Seriously, they make the best.... Chicken Parmigiana."

Rock On,



Josh Homer said...

You have to try this pasta, it's the best. Not many people know about it, it's called Chef Boy R Dee. Dont' tell anyone but the ravioli is to die for.

Sarah Brooks said...

Ew, I can't stand those people!

Anonymous said...

Maybe they really do make the best chicken parm?!

Harris said...

hey josh homer,


hey sarah brooks,

they are annoying, but to be honest, he's so over-the-top, that he's amusing.

hey anonymous,

it WAS good...but c''s chicken freakin' parm!

Rock On,