Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Wedding Comics Will Like

If I'm understanding Josie correctly, we're not gonna have a bridal party. Fine with me as it avoids this conversation.

Josie - Okay, I did my list and I will have seven bridesmaids.
Me - Seven? I don't even have seven friends!

We're also not gonna have a best man or maid of honor. So they won't be giving toasts. Instead, it's gonna be like her friend Megan's, wedding, where toasts were done open mic style (Aside to comics: You don't have to buy a drink and there's no $5 fee!)

Funny thing there, at one point during the open mic toasts, Megan's father was asking if anyone else had something to say. When no one did, he asked if her friends from home wanted to say anything and specifically called out Josie.

Now, I don't exactly recall what Josie said, but I recall her using the words "wonderful" and "circles" a lot (e.g. "It's wonderful how Megan creates circles of friends whereever she goes")

Lesson here is - Be Prepared. As anyone who knows my mom will attest, she won't think twice about calling you out.

Rock On,



Doug Adler said...

Oh baby! Fasten your seatbelt, return your seatback to it's upright position ,and stow your tray table into the seatback in front of you.

It's gonna get bumpy !

josie said...

wow harris, i'm surprised you remembered any part of my toast at megan's wedding. not because you were drinking, but because every time i looked at you, you were doubled over with laughter.

thanks for the support, honey!

Harris said...

hey doug adler,

i'll give you the light at 4.

hey josie,

My pleasure!

rock on,