Sunday, May 11, 2008

"Is She Knocked Up?"

So, Josie and I are engaged!

Surprising her was impossible, given that for two months, I couldn't even start a sentence with "Will you...?" without her googling "vera wang." In fact, the night I proposed, I had to hide the ring in my sock, considering she frisked me every time I met her anywhere.

A few reactions....

My brother - "Seriously, did you knock her up?"
Her father (re: the wedding) - "I don't want to be involved. Just tell me how much to write the check for... and don't forget, I'm retired."
My mom (after thirty minutes of "congratulations!" - ".., I never thought Harris would settle down again. Woman after woman after woman after woman ... no one could hold his attention." (Josie just laughed)

More tomorrow...

Rock On,



Anonymous said...

So I get to be the first one to say congratulations on your blog? Fabulastical!

(already said it in person)

Oh, your engagement present? The lift to the Upper West Side that I gave you tonight.

-Shaun Eli

Megan Crane said...


Harris said...

hey shaun and megan,


btw - Originally, I didn't have an exclamation point following the first sentence. SOMEONE insisted I wasn't showing the proper excitement.

I assume that now I am.

Rock on,


Josh Homer said...

congrats man. You guys make a good couple.


Anonymous said...

Ah! I am so excited for you two! It feels a bit strange to say it, but I've suspected this may have been on the horizon for a while. Even though I've never met you before and Josie only once, the fact that she was willing to run 13 miles with me makes me feel indebted to her for life. (Particularly since I backed out on her in the end.) Congratulations to you both! Now we must get together for a celebratory beer!

Anonymous said...

Hey Congratulations man. Seeing as how I don't know much about it I'm just going to stick with that and Good Luck!


Harris said...

hey josh homer,


hey caitlin,

thanks, and definitely - name the date

hey Maverick,

thanks! hope you are yours (whatever) are doin' well.

rock on,


Doug Adler said...

YEAH ! Congrats! I don't even have any bad life advice for you.

Josh said...