Monday, May 12, 2008

Not A Good Sign

I wanted to make an appointment with my doctor today. They have an online system so I could check which times were available without bothering the receptionist.

Upon looking, it turned out that every time was available.

I'm picturing walking in, only to find him playing Grand Theft Auto.

May be time to change doctors.

Rock On,



Anonymous said...

Someone has to finish last in the medical school class...

Harris said...

hey anonymous,

as if i needed any more proof that he sucks, he took me at 3:15 - THAT WAS THE TIME OF MY APPOINTMENT!!


Rock on,


Kathy said...

I'd kill to be able to check times online. But, yeah, what's up with the mid-afternoon slot? Nobody wants that. Ruins your entire day. I'd also be a little worried that all slots were open. Doctors are supposed to double book everyone. It says so in the manual.