Monday, May 5, 2008

Back From The Big Easy

A few thoughts from my weekend trip to N'Awlins...

1 - Looked remarkably good - they prolly cleaned up all the tourist related spots as quickly as possible but you really couldn't tell but for some boarded up homes.

2 - It wasn't a weekend for sandals (I don't wear them anyway). Due to thunderstorms leading up to Saturday, the field where Jazz Fest was held was a muddy mess. One of my buds was wearing sandals... a few times, they got stuck in the mud. He ended up leaving them at the hotel (He's a bit of a germaphobe.)

3 - They only charged $4 for Miller Lite's. Weird to me as they coulda charged whatever they wanted. Not that I'm complainin', shit, I had myself, ummm, one. Hey! Being in the sun all day I was worried I'd get a headache!

4 - This was a bachelor party weekend. One guy brought a camera. He's lucky it didn't get smashed. When I said we should leave the hotel at 10:30 for a 12:25 plane home, this same guy said, " the latest!" We got to the airport at 11...sat around for an hour and a half.

5 - I didn't really gel with the other guys. I had nothing in common with some and others were annoying post-frat-boy types. Conversations included how fast each has gone in a car and how gay guys who ordered cokes or salads were.

6 - Kinda odd to me how many of the bars has a stage, with a singer singing over a radio track of a song...basically karaoke. Why didn't they just let Bon Jovi do his thing I dunno.

7 - I remember Hurricanes tasting better. I drank half of one.

8 - Some representative quotes from me this weekend -
"Hey guys! I brought cookies!"
"You notice there aren't a lot of hot chicks here, but lotsa good looking guys?"
"Show us your boobies!!! Yay!!!"
"Do you have any sweet drinks, like say, a Pina Colada?"
"I'm going in."

9 - I stayed out till 2:30 Friday night (Saturday morning), but by Saturday night, I was finished - went in at 12. While others are prolly still feelin' the effects of the weekend, I'm totally refreshed and ready for a full week of "work."

Actually, gonna take a half day today. Starting physical therapy on my knee.


Rock On,



Josh Homer said...


did they make the comment about guys ordering cokes gay before or afte you ordered a coke?


PS - I've done trips like this and felt I did not "get" it too.

Harris said...

hey josh homer,

after, but it wasn't even referring to me... i was pretty quiet the entire time...they prolly thought they couldn't joke around me me like that.

yeah...i'd say its casue I feel too old for that stuff, but to be honest, I wouldn't have been into the group if I were fifteen years younger.

any time you go out with a group, there's gonna be at least one dude who dont fit in...this time it was moi.

btw - when one found out i was a comic, he asked me to tell him a joke (ugh)...i said, "Sure, gimmee ten bucks."

That helped ingratiate me.

rock on,