Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Here are a few pics from my New Orleans weekend...

It was muddy

It was crowded during the day at Jazz Fest

It was crowded at night on Bourbon Street.

Tough to see on this pic of the menu at Mother's, but one of the items in the meat biscuit is "debris." I wish I'd asked what exactly they mean by debris, but looking it up, in Cajun-land, debris is chopped up roast beef, which sounds awesome!

And now, what will undoubtedly be your fave...

Me after three sips of a Hurricane. Or I will will now call it: My New Head Shot.

Rock on,



Anonymous said...

Why is their drool all over your shirt?

Harris said...

hey anonymous,

Not drool - it's either sweat, or hurricane juice.

rock on,