Tuesday, May 13, 2008

That Means "Very Cool" Just So You Know

As inferred previously, Josie doesn't take too well to the way society instills a certain expectation of women from an early age. For example, she's fairly disgusted with the whole "fairy tale princess needing to be saved by her prince" thingy. I believe her when she says she wasn't one of those girls who knew at age eight exactly how her wedding day will go.

For that reason, it's kinda funny seeing the "excited- needing to plan - i'm getting married" Josie.

Just so you know, I'm still as cool as ever.

Rock on,



Josh Homer said...

ha! My wife was the same way. "Oh no I want a small wedding, I hate the stories girl have to live up too" yada yada yada.

At our first wedding we had a smoke machine, laser lights and came in to a drummer.

At our second wedding we had an albino drummer play as we entered. You know how hard it is to get an Indian albino drummer! We had ice scultures, wedding videos, a dance off!

Get ready, cuz you're wedding adventure has just started.


PS. Did you pick up on the first wedding and second wedding?

anonymouscoworker said...

Josie probably already knows about it, but the Anti Bride Guide helps begin to steer in the the non-traditional direction.

Anonymous said...

So, She is not going to wear a tiara and princess gown?

Harris said...

hey josh homer,

that's hilarious - you do that on stage? or is it off-limits? i assume you had a wedding here and abroad?

hey anonymouscoworker,

thanks - she does now (if she didn't before)

hey anonymous,

she may, while being carried to the altar by man-servants.

rock on,


Josh Homer said...

It's not off limits but I have to approach it from the point of view her mom wanted it all, but Nadia loved every minute of it, she has shown our wedding video to a bunch of people. At one point you could not come to our house without getting a private screening.