Monday, May 5, 2008

I Do Know Where You Can Get Great Bling

New York has a new ad campaign, titled, "Ask a Local" - the picture accompanying each poster is of a celebrity, like P. Diddy.

Here's how I see this working...

Tourist - Hi, Mr. Diddy, or may I call you P? Either way, it sounds pretty funny. Anyway, I'm looking for a good place to eat.
P. Diddy - Sure, I'd go to Masa.
Tourist - But, isn't that place ridiculously expensive?
P. Diddy - I really don't know. What does expensive mean?
Tourist - Nevermind...How about the best burger in New York?
P. Diddy - Oh, that's easy, The Old Homestead. They got this kobe have to have one.
Tourist - Umm, ok. How about nightlife? Where should me and my friends go tonight?
P. Diddy - Well, lotta hot spots in the Meatpacking District, but you know, me and my posse still like to kick it at Marquee.
Tourist - I think I've heard of that? Are there lines? Would four middle-aged couples from Kansas have trouble getting in?
P. Diddy - I don't think so, I mean, I just walk right in.
Tourist - Thanks P. Diddy!

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