Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Bachelor Sucks (The show and Jason Mesnick, the guy)

Last night was the finale. As spoilers had us believe, Jason dumped Melissa, the woman he proposed to in the last episode, and asked Molly, the woman he spurned for Melissa, to take him back!

In pro wrestling, there are two types of bad guy - 1 - The kind that are just good at being despicable, so you root against them, and 2 - The kind that are so annoying, they make you wanna turn off the TV.

I'm afraid Jason Meznick, and the people behind The Bachelor fall into the latter category. Why? Let me count the ways...

1. He asked someone to marry him when he said he was in love with someone else as well (There was a precedent for no rings being given).

2. There are pics out there of Jason visiting Molly during the holidays, making last night's episode a sham (Her acting was pretty bad).

3. Jason trying to reason on Jimmy Kimmel's show last night that he was contractually obligated to dump Melissa on national TV (What would they do if he refused? Sue him? ABC would get killed publicity-wise).

4. Jason let Ty (his son) meeting his new mommy, and then, umm, un-meeting her.

5. After dumping Melissa, he had no problem making out with Molly on TV.

Anyway, that's the last Bachelor-related post I'll ever make as I'm through with the show.

As an added bonus of not watching, I'll never have to hear someone say "amazing" thirty times in an hour.

UPDATE: Josie tells me she will be watching tonight's AFTER THE WHATEVER IT'S CALLED - so, I guess I will too...and blog about how disgusted I am manana.


p.s. if anyone's interested, here's my only other Bachelor related post (actually Bachelorette).

p.p.s. I just posted my thoughts on "After The Final Rose: Part 2" here, so check that out.


Dolphin Hater said...

I would have gone with "um, you're actually watching the bachelor?"

That said, who is this "Jason" character and can he teach me his ways?

Harris said...

yeah, well, i started watchin' cause Josie watches it, but I did find it to be a "guilty pleasure," which I define as something I like to watch because it's horrible, as opposed to a show like Top Chef, which we watch cause it's actually good.


Anonymous said...

I think jason made a big mistake!

Harris said...

If you're making fun of Molly's repeated declaration when Jason (initially) dumped her, then touche!

(though I have a feeling yer just a Melissa fan)


Allison Shutts said...

I think this obnoxious show is lowdown and rude to women. Jason and the producers are all skanks.
'Amazing' and 'incredible' skanks.

Harris said...

Sounds like someone's been watching.

But not sure I agree, I mean, yeah, the show is really a horrible idea... but these people all signed up for it. I just think they crossed the decency line this time (both the producers and Meznick)

And you do think The Bachelorette is rude to men?


Anonymous said...

Either Jason and Molly had this all arranged ahead of time or they should get a Academy Awards for the Biggest Losers! What a waste of time - worse than a Soap Opera and totally unbelievable.

Momma Hobit

Harris said...

yeah, well, I'm too lazy to look for them, but I heard that other message boards had pics of Jason visiting Molly during the holidays.

So, I think it was arranged ahead of time (but they are also losers)

btw - worse part (to me) is how Melissa went away thinking somehow she did something wrong (again)


coffee said...

I suspected from the beginning that Jason Mesnick was a tool, then the finale eliminated all doubt

Harris said...

hey coffee,

really? i actually liked him a lot at first. I did think he tried too hard. Maybe that was his downfall.