Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I May Be The Only Motley Crue Fan In Manhattan

Last night, I saw Motley Crue at Madison Square Garden. I think even The Garden was embarrassed to be hosting them as usually, when a big name is there, they'll advertise it on their huge board (U2 TONIGHT!) - Last night, the board mentioned that MSG is the home of the WNBA's New York Liberty.

Looking over the crowd, I'd say they haven't found a new fan since 1992. Lotta 40 year olds still shouting at the devil...some even brought young children.

Anyway, I was ready to rock out...

And so was Josie (though she's more of a pensive rocker)...

How was the concert? Well, good and bad - they played most of their hits (Shout at the Devil, Dr. Feelgood, Kickstart My Heart, etc) but Vince only sang about 65-70% of them. The audience filled in the blanks. I'm not sure if Vince couldn't sing them anymore due to his throat, or if he forgot the lyrics (he is pushin' 50). His dancing moves reminded me of someone trying to dance to a Jane Fonda owrkout tape. He also took a few breaks backstage during extended guitar solos, prolly to nap. But I will say that when singing, his voice sounded fine.

During one of the breaks, someone behind me shouted "TITTYCAM!!!"

Josie asked me if that was a song of theirs (she's not a fan). "Um, no, he's hoping the overhead cameras point at women, hoping they'll flash them."

I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the songs from their new album they played, Saints of Los Angeles, and Muthurfucker of the Year.

There were a lot of 80's-esque stage pyrotechnics, which always brought renewed howls from the crowd, and the concert ended with cannons shooting out confetti during the Home Sweet Home encore.

Unlike every other concert I've been to, we got on the 2 train...alone. I guess Motley Crue has no fans who live in Manhttan, they were all apparently heading to the outer boroughs and Jersey.

Whereever they live, I'm pretty sure all the MF'ers went home happy.



Josh Homer said...

so... did they use the tittycam or what?

Anonymous said...

Is Josie really a fan? Or did you just drag her along? No, really, be honest. ;)

But I love Motley Crue-- really, all the M Metal bands: Metallica, Megadeth and Motley Crue.

unfinishedrambler said...

I need to read closer. So she's not a fan, but she still went. Cool. But are you going to answer Josh's question or just approve our comments, dude? :)

Harris said...

hey rambler,

doesn't her devil horns pretty much disqualify her as a fan?

and no, there was no tittycam.

that didn't stop josie from saying at one point, "So, are you gonna check out every girl who walks by?!"

Count Sneaky said...

The Count thinks your lovely wife not only has the proper decorum for such wallbangers, but she is also a paragon of patience and you are a quite lucky man. Count Sneaky

Shirley said...

I see an ABBA reunion concert in your future, dude (quid pro quo, Clarice, quid pro quo...)