Monday, March 2, 2009

We'll Even Throw In All Our Shares Of AIG

I had a show this weekend in Sugar Loaf, NY, a town that time, or at least GPS, forgot. Actually, Josie and I had a fun weekend there, except for the fact that the GPS didn't recognize Sugar Loaf, NY.

Anyway, while there, we checked out a Real Estate Buyers Guide. In it, Josie noticed that a lot of the houses were offered for sale with "trade" being an option, as in, "$400,000 or trade!"

That's pretty awesome, we thought, as we don't have any cash, but we'd definitely be willing to part with our seashell collection. And a fur pelt.


1 comment:

David said...

I have a box of lovely antique doorknobs, what do you think that would get me?