Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Bachelor - After The Final Rose: Part 2 - Where Jason Meznick sucks even worse

Okay, maybe the last part wasn't in the title, but it shoulda been.

So, yeah, as I said I would, I watched.

Had to see the train wreck come to it's screeching halt. My only regret is that it didn't take place after the first "After The Final Rose" aired (this was taped Friday, I believe) so the people involved would see how much everyone pretty much despises Jason Mesnick, and, to a lesser extent, Molly.

My favorite parts -

1 - Molly admitting that what people are saying bothers her - the funny thing about that is that all people had to go on were rumours, as this was filmed before the first one aired - I assume that this morning, she is in bed, curled up in the fetal position.

2 - "You hadn't seen each other since New Zealand." - How many freakin' times did Chris Harrison, Molly, and Jason have to tell us that - I had heard there were pics of Jason in Michigan, but at the very least, I refuse to believe they didn't text, e-mail, etc. Who in their right mind would believe that he was gonna dump Melissa and then possibly get rejected by Molly on national TV? We're not stupid.

3 - Jason seemed to indicate that he knew when he was walking Molly to the limo that he'd made a mistake (based on what she told him).


First of all, I'll assume that was edited out as all we saw was her saying, "You're making a huge mistake!" Secondly, and this reinforces my thoughts from yesterday, how can he ask Melisa to marry him if he was suddenly having doubts?

4 - Stephanie seems to get creepier every time I see her. Not only did she somehow bring back her ordeal, by equating it with Jason's tribulations, but she spent her airtime apologizing for Jason. Awesome. Goodbye Stephanie (she strikes me as the kind of person who corrects anyone who calls her "Steph.")

5 - This is really "my least favorite part," but after Harrison read a statement from Melissa, Jason had to add his crap again, about how "she's the best," while sounding as if they told him to sound as condescending as possible.

This is why Jason never shoulda proposed to Melissa: They were doomed to fail. Fact is, no matter how great their relationship may've been, when he admitted to being in love with two people, you can't help but wonder what life may be like if he chose the other one (the old "grass is also greener" argument), so I'm not surprised that he couldn't really give Melisa any real answer or closure, cause it prolly wasn't her, it was him.

Anyway, that's it for Jason Meznick and The, and forever (and yeah, that includes The Bachelorette - sorry Jillian Harris - great name though).



Anonymous said...

I think Mesnick is giving that Stephen Fowler guy (from Wife Swap) a run for his money in "Reality Star Jerk of the Year)

Josh Homer said...

I think Harris is analyzing this way to much for a married heterosexual male. They all chose to be on a crappy reality so we know that in no way is love in the equation. If they were really looking for love they’d go to the local pub or

Harris said...


I'd still give edge to Fowler - i think he's despicable, whereas Jason is just a selfish jerk.


i can't help it! but yeah, is definitely the way to go (at least it was for moi)