Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pink Dolphins

Apparently world's first "Shockingly" Pink Dolphin has been spotted. If nothing else, I think General Mills should add them to their Lucky Charms cereal mix.

At trivia last night, our team was split over what to call our team. The winner was "Hope May Float But NFL Players Don't" (there were three team names with plays on that tragedy - it's a very mean league) but a couple members of our team thought it was too mean.

In honor of them, perhaps next week we can be "The Pink Dolphins." (Though I'd prefer, "Pink Dolphins Also Taste Like Chicken")



Michael said...

How about the Audacity of Float?

Harris said...

we'll use that if it comes to light that Obama can't swim.


DM said...

I'm more offended by the crappy movie reference.

Harris said...

blame vic