Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm More Tired Than Lilly Von Schtupp*

Yeah, I'm exhausted.

Besides salacious personal details of my life that no one wants to hear about (ha), I had a rather busy weekend, culminating in my show Monday at Conker (see below).

The funniest part (since that's all yer gonna care about) is this show I did Sunday night. After a quick audition in Queens (Top of the food chain!) , I ran back into Manhattan (not literally) to host an open mic, and then had to run (again, not literally) downtown to the aforementioned show.

As I had warned the booker, I got there late, and arrived to see a comic performing for...the comics. Yup, there was no audience. I figured I'd stay since I made the trip down, support the other comics, do a quick five minutes (I was originally supposed to do ten, but if I was gonna go last, AND other comics were nice enough to stick around to watch me, I'd just do five).

When I got up (last), a couple of people strayed in from the bar to watch. So, I performed for two comics who stayed, and a woman from London and another from Haiti.
The booker left the room, making it impossible for me to get off the stage. When he came back (after about ten minutes), I said, "I think that's about enough," when he asked me to do five more minutes. "Ummm, ok." After a few more minutes, I pleaded, "Now?" "Do three more minutes."

Long story short (I know, too late), I ended up doing twenty plus minutes for four people, two of them comics.

How did I do? How do you think?

I killed (wink)


* if you don't know, the Lilly Von Schtupp reference is from this. Shame on you for not knowing that.

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