Monday, March 23, 2009

25 Facts About Me

1. I can't swim
2. I suffer from, sometimes acute, stage fright.
3. I can fold my tongue in half.
4. I liked classical music in high school, which really helped my popularity.
5. For the first week or two of college, I dressed (purposely) like Alex P. Keaton. I quickly gave that up.
6. I was a stockbroker (for the company that Boiler Room was based upon) for a few months out college, until I realized I couldn't sell worth a damn.
7. I own a CD by Chubb Rock.
8. I grew up on welfare.
9. I've had days where I've eaten nothing but chocolate and pizza.
10. I have about eight/nine cavities.
11. I've seen Depeche Mode in concert six times (perhaps more amazingly, I've seen Pop Will Eat Itself four times)
12. I was 16 when I started college.
13. I was s'posed to be on the TV show Bind Date, but every time the cameras started rolling, I got flop sweat. Eventually, the producers gave up.
14. My mom was best friends with Ray Romano's mom. I started stand-up soon after they stopped talking.
15. When I have computer access, I check my e-mail approx. every five minutes. Maybe sooner.
16. American Psycho is my favorite movie of all-time.
17. I don't remember all the lyrics to my favorite song of all-time (Don't Go Away Mad...Just Go Away) - used to, but now, don't care enough to bother.
18. I wish there was a law tightening the qualifications for someone calling themselves a comedian (I don't think I qualify).
19. I used to be friends with a neo-nazi (not a bad guy, actually, pretty funny).
20. I worry about worrying too much.
21. Most of the time, I don't care what others think of me. Most of the time.
22. I have such poor self-control that I told Josie to hide leftover chocolate.
23. Even though intellectually, I see no difference between someone who's passion is watching sports on TV as opposed to someone who's passion is anything more active, I can't help but think that the sports watcher is wasting his/her life away.
24. I am currently writing a book that marries my performance anxiety with my love of heavy metal, including chapters about my Blind Date disaster, working in a boiler room, my neo-nazi bud and Ray Romano.
25. My life-long dream came true on October 25, 2008, when I married Josie (not that I always dreamed of marrying someone named Josie, but someone like Josie).



Count Sneaky said...

The Count thinks that No.25
probably justifies your whole
existence including your ill-fitting attire. Best wishes to you and Josie. Count Sneaky

Harris said...

true dat!

thank's, and thanks for reading (and commenting!)