Friday, March 27, 2009

Comedy at Conker - New Free Show In NYC (Hosted By Moi)

Maybe it's 'cause Cheers was a favorite TV show if mine, but I've always wanted a local a bar that I considered my bar. Fact is, I don't hang out in bars much since I'm not a big drinker so I figured it would never happen. But it did last year.

My wife, then girlfriend, Josie, and I started going to Conker Hill for their weekly trivia nights. I think she knew the owner from another bar he owned, or managed, or whatever.

Maybe it was cause we won the first three or so weeks we went, maybe it's due to the cool owner, or maybe it's the vibe, but we've been going ever since, even though we moved an extra forty blocks away.

At any rate, I (along with fellow comic Doug Adler) am starting a bi-weekly comic show there. The first show is this Monday, March 30th, at 8 PM.

Here's the group on Facebook - join for updates.

It's gonna be a great show at a great bar.



Anonymous said...

Great show at Conker!

Harris said...

Thanks! (whoever you are)

It was a great show, though I was a little off (opening night nerves - see #2 on the 25 Things About Me below)


Count Sneaky said...

For those of us primitives who do not reside in, or near the Big MacIntosh,
can you post any upcoming appearances on tv? Count Sneaky

Abbi Crutchfield said...

Can't wait to do the show in October!

@ Count Sneaky: "Big MacIntosh" LOL.