Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm Not Ashamed At All

Josie and I babysat for our friends' kid the other day. Josh et al made fun of me for having some female tendencies, like when we were hanging out in line for Last Comic Standing Auditions, he asked me if I wanted chips or something.
"Nah, I'd prefer to save my calories for chocolate."

Josie added how often times, when we're at a bar, we'll order drinks and when the bartender brings them to us, we have to switch, since they assume I wanted the beer and she wanted the Appletini.



Josh Homer said...

truth be told, I love appletinis, and pina colada and hate beer.

Harris said...

Yeah, yer like the homophobes who are actually in-the-closet

yup...just like them


kimberoo99 said...

don't worry. your chocolate cravings are probably hormonal!