Monday, February 9, 2009

Doing The Laundry

The apartment building that I live in has laundry in the basement. I was transferring clothes from the washer tot he dryer this morning when this woman felt the need to say, "Can you hurry up...I don't want to spend my day here."

I gave her a look, and slowed up. Cause I'm passive/aggressive that way.

What I wish I'd said was, "You don't?!? This is exactly what I like to do on my Sundays! In fact, I won a bet with my wife. I get to do laundry while she's upstairs forced to sleep late! I have friends having brunch at the diner but I told them that I'm not going cause I've been looking forward to doing laundry all week. I may even bring a lounge chair and an Appletini down here to better luxuriate in my whole laundry experience!"

I did snub her later in the elevator too, so umm, I guess that was something.



Anonymous said...

This should convince you to pay the $.99 per pound to have someone do it for you. You can avoid mingling with the commoners.

David said...

Clearly, she's a slut.

And you have every right to do laundry for weeks on end.

molly said...

keep that in mind for next time.

write it down on a piece of paper and keep it hidden somewhere in the laundry room so you can use it...

good comebacks always come too late.

Harris said... all of you