Monday, February 2, 2009

My Pal Hitler

My best friend (for a while) in college was a Neo-Nazi. He even had a swastika tattoo.

He wasn't one of those "kill the jews" Neo-Nazi's... not sure I could be friends with such a Neo-Nazi. He was in the more palatable "let's keep the races separate" camp of Neo-Nazism.

One time, we were in a punk club when I saw him on all fours on the (slam-)dance floor.
"What are you doing?"
"Keep it down but I lost my gun."

You'd think that if the whole Neo-Nazi thing didn't snuff out our friendship, that this would...but it strengthened least from my point of view. I found hanging with such an outlaw of society somewhat exciting. I'd have conversations like this...

"...Yeah, so when I asked him what he was looking for, he was like, 'My Gun!' Can you believe that?!?"
"That's an interesting story. " Replied Dr. Tannenbaum. "Now keep your mouth open and say 'Ahhhh'."

I'd like to say that eventually I came to my sense and realized that this dude was a jerk, not worth my time. But I can't. We did stop hanging out, but it was only after he didn't pay me on a $5 bet.

I hate cheap Neo-Nazis.

(And they say we're cheap.)



Anonymous said...

That's hilarious!

Did he let you hold his gun?


Harris said...

That's really a LOADED question - get it?!? LOADED?!?!

oh, nevermind

no, he didn't (and I didn't ask - I'm sure I woulda pulled a Plaxico)


Tammy said...

Watch American History X, you will love it! Based on a true story.

Harris said...

i've seen it - great flick


kimberoo99 said...

my teeth hurt when i think of that really violent part of American History

Harris said...


Anonymous said...

Yo, first of all, great post, as usual.

Second, what's with the yellow? Whoa. It's bright. I don't know if I even can see the post, dude. ;)

Harris said...