Thursday, February 5, 2009

At The Doctor's

I could write a story about my day yesterday, but I'm not in the mood - so....

Thing Overheard Yesterday In The Waiting Room Of The Doctors Office

It's freezing in here.

We were supposed to see Annie Get Your Gun with another couple. I called them up. My friend's husband had a heart attack and died while getting dressed. We didn't see the show.

You shop at King Kullen? I dunno, I find the Jews in there are so nasty. They also have a lot of Salvadorians working there who don't speak English

My son had bladder cancer. He was operated on by the doctor who operated on Lorena Bobbitt. I mean, Lorena Bobbitt's husband, the one who lost his penis.

It's freezing in here.

Was his scrotum so sweaty that it dripped into his underpants?

Does your other son have a body like this one?

I'm going to Maine this weekend It's 14 below, but it's a dry cold.

It's freezing in here.

*Woman who is a descendant of the Doubleday publishing fortune talking about her husband, with him sitting there - You don't know the story, he curses me up and down, he's a cheat and a sneak. I wouldn't divorce him because my lawyer said I'd have to pay him alimony and I'd never give him any of my money. He can rot in hell for all I care.

This place could be a sitcom


* If you couldn't guess, this woman was responsible for most of these quotes.


Anonymous said...

Best line: Does your other son have a body like this one? People are too funny sometimes, in fact most of the time.

Also I was half-teasing you about the yellow, but it doesn't seem to fit with your personality either, which is, shall we say, low key? Yes, low key. That's it. :)

Harris said...

This woman was a piece of work - the kind of outspoken and racist that is cute on here cause she is 70 years old.

Harris said...

...actually, 80 years old - i forgot...she told us twenty times.

Richard said...

It's freezing here.

Harris said...


The Office Scribe said...

That's better than the person sitting next to you NOT saying anything which leaves you wondering what the hell is wrong with them. And can you catch it?

Harris said...

good point.

speaking of which, whenever I walk into my office at work, the dude who sits next to me ALWAYS has a web page up that deals with Hepatitis C (well, that or erectile dysfunction)


Kirsten said...

Just what kind of doctor was this??