Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Naked Comedy Show

Out of curiosity, I dragged Mrs. Bloom out on Saturday night to catch the Naked Comedy Showcase.

The idea of a naked show is so odd that when Josie agreed to go, she thought it was meant in some figurative sense, as perhaps comics were baring their souls, or something. It doesn't. It is meant literally.

Even odder, this show attracts some really good comics, like Jared Logan and Roger Hailes, both recently seen on Comedy Central's Live at Gotham. That may be the oddest thing about comedy in general - you'd think that when you're on TV, you've made it, but not in comedy. Comics who've been on TV still take pretty much any gig they can land - I've seen them performing for five people in the basement of Moroccan restaurants, performing in laundromats for whoever will listen, and yes, naked. Can you imagine an actor* or musician performing naked?

Anyway, the host did his time talking about the fact he was naked. Having done this numerous times (he produces the show), he had it down pat.

Both Logan and Hailes did extremely well too, especially considering it was their first time doing it (My guess is they're friends who did it if the other would do it). After making a joke or two about the fact they naked, they just launched into their regular material.

The last comic I think was last just cause he came late as he wasn't a "headline" comic. Having done the show numerous times, he was pretty comfortable up there, and though I didn't find him as funny as the others, he did well. I wondered if the audience is more forgiving because the comic is so exposed up there?

At any rate, after the initial shock, the show really just became another comedy show... well, one that I'll never perform in.


*In a role that does not require him/her to be nude (I hate that word, btw)


josie said...

who is mrs. bloom?

Caitlin said...

Really, Harris? It seems so you.

Josh Homer said...

Funny thing about this show is only guys do it.

Harris said...

josie - ha ha

caitlin - ya do karaoke naked ONCE and you're branded for life!

josh - i heard some women do it - actaully, the funny thing was the host's thing


kimberoo99 said...

do the guys make jokes abt their small penises (peni?) or is it less funny when you can actually see?

Harris said...

yeah, the host refered to his as "fun size" cause it's like a Halloween candy that you can put in your mouth.

molly said...

dude, so true about comics. tv is just one more gig. as is NUDITY.
is that the word you hate?