Friday, February 13, 2009

Same As It Ever Was

I still listen to the same music I listened to in the '90's which is music from the '80's.



David said...

I'm still listening to music from the 60's - especially if I'm roving around in my 61 convertible.


Anonymous said...

Have you noticed that as each decade passes, you look back thinking less musical talent was required then the decade before?

You no longer need to know how to play an instrument...or sing for that matter.

My prediction for the 2000 teens is that we long for the glory days of the Jonas Brothers.

Harris said...

hey david,

nice! do you also wear bobbie sox, whatever those are?


not sure i agree - although i LOVE hair metal, dunno if i'd say Nirvana was a worse band, musically, than Motley Crue - just different