Friday, February 6, 2009

My Mom and Ray Romano

Until about five years ago, my mom's best friend was Ray Romano's mom. Yes, that Ray Romano. When I tell people that, they usually say something like, "Cool!"

But no, it wasn't cool.

My mom talked so much about him, he practically became her third son. I can't say I blamed her, my boring 9-5 Accounting gig couldn't compare to Ray's glamorous Hollywood life that she go to hear about (and sometimes lived when she visited).

It wasn't exactly easy to impress mom with my $3,000 a year raise when he was getting $800,000 raises...per week. I got a promotion? He got an Emmy. I am 5' 10"? He's 6' 3". It never ended.

Actually, it did end.

And I got into comedy soon after my mom and his mom had a falling out.

Isn't that hilarious?


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molly said...

um, dare i say hysterically funny?