Friday, January 23, 2009

Tonight, I Heckled A Brain-Damaged Comic

I had a spot at Gotham Comedy Club's New Talent Show tonight. One of the comics on the bill, let's call him "Bill," wore a suit with bow tie and drank Gatorade all night from some sort of canister. He walked with a pronounced limp and his speech was slurred. Bill explained from the stage that he had brain damage due to a car accident.

About two minutes into his set a couple of comics, me included, moved closer to the stage and started talking to each other. Loudly. On purpose. To the point where Bill had to say, "Can you guys keep it down?" We were unsure whether to stop, but we did...and laughed like hyenas (but quietly).

To explain why we did this, we should go back to the beginning of the show.

Just before the lights went down, Yonah, the guy who runs it, rounded up all the comics to tell them how it's gonna go down. Bill raised his hand and asks if some of the comics can heckle him from the audience.
Yonah told him that's unusual but if we want to do it, fine. I agreed to help out. Bill says to do it halfway through his set. We were ready...

And that's why we looked like a-holes for talking loudly during the brain-damaged comic's set.*


*We asked him what happened after he came off - he said that it was too soon in the set.

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