Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Wife May Need An Intervention

As you know (or should, being a faithful reader and all), my wife works as a therapist, specializing in sexual assault cases. She's attending some classes to get a new license.

The teacher asked everyone to tell the class about what they do to unwind. Josie said, "I watch Intervention," which is a reality show on A & E, dealing with peoples' addictions.

She wasn't even kidding.



Kirsten said...

Okay! I love Josie! I never miss and Intervention. Don't judge me!!

Harris said...

hey kirsten,

yeah, it is a "fun" show - i especially liked the one with the alcoholic trailer-park mom (grandmother?) complained that she was a sposed to be a "lady of leisure" since her first hubby was wealthy (thanks to drug trafficking)

kimberoo99 said...

i like the way they don't even try to make you feel any sympathy for the person w/ the addiction. A fave was a 36 year old alchoholic (looked 55) who had a ton of $ from her divorce settlement and drank alone all day in her mc mansion.her loving and supportive family thought she was onboard with trying to get sober, until she proudly showed them the big neon "Cocktails" sign she bought for her kitchen.

Harris said...

i didn't see that one!

David said...

Never heard of it but it sounds promising and entertaining.

Perhaps I'll tune in to an episode or two.

Kirsten said...

I love that episode. She was the grandma who dress in short shorts and a bikini top. Nice!

Anonymous said...

Your wife's kung-fu is stronger than mine. I got through ten minutes of that show and went and checked on the definition of "exploitation" in my dictionary.

Other than that, I'm sure it's spiffy.