Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm Like Sherlock Holmes

Our neighbors have been gone for a few days. I know this cause their newspaper delivery is piling up. One puzzling thing - they left the day after it rained and their shoes are outside the door.

Why wouldn't they take the shoes in, unless they wanted people people to think they were home...but then why not cancel the newspaper delivery while they are gone?

I suspect foul play.

Josie and I aren't big fans of them, and I know I didn't do anything.




Josh Homer said...

sounds liek someone has been watching Forensic Files!!!!

Seriously though, steal their shoes, or at least poop in them.

DM said...

Steal 'em and wear them around the building. See if they say anything...

Jill said...

Josie KILLED your neighbors? And you expect me to keep this to myself?

Well, ok.