Thursday, January 15, 2009

Yes, Even Knight Rider

This is the headline on an ad I saw while perusing Craigslist -

Comedians wanted for QPTV's #1 Hit Show In Its Time Slot

Isn't every show #1 on its channel in its time slot?



Josh Homer said...

Sadly the new version of 90210 is second on it's channel in it's time slot. Too bad for the producers that commercials are entertaining.

Harris said...

that show is brutal - saw one episode - not even a guilty pleasure - just annoying characters, inane plots, and wooden acting

it's like the first one, but EVERYONE is Ian Zeiring.

Anonymous said...

How do you think this makes Ian Zeiring feel?!? He wasn't asked back to the new version.

Anonymous said...

This headline touches my little advertising-law-abiding heart.