Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Machine

Caroline Kennedy is the front runner to take over Hilary Clinton's Senate seat. Sarah Palin complained about the double standard (too lazy to link to clip) - how Kennedy gets treated with kid gloves by the media, how her inexperience is labelled as a good thing whereas the media scoffed at Palin's inexperience, how Kennedy's missteps have been glossed over, etc...

And she's right.

It is ridiculous that we're about to have a senator with absolutely zero public office experience, someone who was very choosy about whom she lets interview her and who's interviews thus far have been far from inspiring.

But I hope she gets it.

The only reason I want her in is cause she was part of Obama's inner circle during his campaign and it would be good for New York.

So basically, I'm rooting for an unconventional outside-the-box choice because she is part of the machine.



Anonymous said...

Is that a good thing? Wasn't that governor in Illinois part of "the machine" too? ;)

Harris said...

if ya didn't know, they're ALL part of the machine.

Anonymous said...

Like interlocking directorates, huh? I learned about this in sociology. I bring it up to The Wife all the time, but she think I'm a conspiracy nut. Do you also? ;) (Sorry, I'm on a commenting tear today...I'll try to behave from here on out.)

Harris said...

interlocking huh?

you were on a tear - four on mine - i can only imagine how many you left on others' in total