Tuesday, January 20, 2009

So What? I'll Tell You So What

I really like Pink's So What.

It's a defiant eff-you to her ex-husband. One of the better break-up songs out there.* Then I saw the video.

I'm not sure why Pink went the director's vision (or if that's what she meant all along), but it shows her totally broken up about how it all went down....how the song is more like a front for her hurt feelings.

Sometimes, I wish there were no videos, which is definitely something Billy Squier and I agree on (That video still kills me, in a hilarious he-just-killed-his-career kinda way)).


*None will top Stabbing Westward's Violent Mood Swings.


Anonymous said...

I don't think I ever saw the Billy Squier video...OMG. That was great. Thanks for sharing, and agree about the Stabbing Westward. I don't think many can top that.

Harris said...

yeah, that video single-handedly killed Billy Squier's career - i'm not sure that was shot before or after flashdance, but i'm guessing the director also did that video.


kimberoo99 said...

it's as if he didn't know anyone was watching.