Monday, January 19, 2009

Gran Torino Movie Review

This movie is hilarious.

No, seriously, between Clint Eastwood's voice (which sounds like Christian Bale's when he was Batman), the never-ending plethora of racial epithets (Dragon Lady?), the wooden acting (besides Eastwood) and the paint by numbers plot, which ended all too predictably, we didn't stop laughing.*

Thumbs up (if you want to laugh).


* I prolly should mention that we had these strange-tasting cookies before watching the movie.


Josh Homer said...


The best part for me was the two asian ladies who sat behind us, they loved every horrible racial thing Eastwood said, to the point of clapping when he made remarks about them eating the dog.

PS - The asian actors in the movie sucked.

Harris said...

actually, i thought the police officers were the worst actors - they were so wooden, i swear, it was like they were in a porn flick.