Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Get Him A Body Bag! Yeaaahhh!!

I used to worry that Temp Dude would kill me, but I swear, if he asks me one more time, "When's your next show?" I may be the one led out of here in 'cuffs.



kimberoo99 said...

you probably shouldn't tell him to check your blog & site for your schedule

Anonymous said...

You should hope one of his favorite past times is not Googling you. Then he will find this blog, know that you told the world he talks to himself and sleeps on the job, and then it will be curtains for our hero.

Josh Homer said...

how do you feel about the new Karate Kid moving coming out staring the little Will Smith boy and Jackie Chan? Personally I'd rather have the ghost of Pat Morita sweep my leg.

Harris said...

hey josh,

eh...as with any remake, most fans of the original are prolly up in arms, claiming it's gonan suck, but whatever - i'll see it...then say how it sucked.