Monday, November 24, 2008

The Not So Amazing Race

So, yes, I'm watching the new season of The Amazing Race. I've written about the show before.

Here's my beef this season (which doesn't include the stuff I complained about last year, but still bugs me) - Except for one, all of the teams are unlikeable.

I dont get why the producers do that - we all know they can edit it so every team can appear to be jerks or saints. So, why not give us more than the mom and son team to root for?

Granted, they may be thinking that the "hero underdogs" is a good storyline but I dislike watching a show where I'm rooting for almost everyone to lose.

Rock On,



David said...

I was thinking...You just got married, don't you have something better to with your time than watching this crap...and then I clicked on the link and read the previous post and learned that watching this is in the best interests of marital bliss.

So, ok. enjoy the show.

chichimama said...

Oh, I kind of find all of them amusing and annoying all at the same time. Except for Nick and Star, they are just annoying all the time.

I bet the frat boys don't finish the race...

Kathy said...

All I know is they NEED to keep Dandrew in the race. I don't care how many times they have to save them from elimination. It's the only reason I'm watching now.

Harris said...

hey all,

disspointing end to a disspointing season.