Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Most Important Picture From The Wedding....

Yes...The Hostess Cake Tower (and yeah, the couple perched on top is black).

Thanks to Josie, as well as her friends Jen and Dacia, for making my wedding dream a reality.

Rock On,



welles said...

Interesting photo!

Hail To The Thief said...

Are those eclairs in the middle base ?!

I assume my invite got lost in the mail .. (:

Harris said...

hey welles,

interesting? or just plain delicious?!?

hey hail to the thief,

eclairs?!? those are twinkies! i HOPE they have twinkies in england (for your sake)

rock on,


Kirsten said...

Nothing says marriage more than a pink snoball

Hail To The Thief said...

Appalingly no, but whenever I'm over I grab all I can and smuggle them back through customs.

Library Girl said...

That is the best thing ever! You have a great girl...wife!

Harris said...

hey kirsten,

odd fact about me...i dont think I'd ever had a snowball till this cake - I didn't even know there was anythng chocolatey inside.


hey hail to the thief,

definitely worth the gamble.

hey library girl,

i agree.

rock on,