Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Just What I Needed

So, some wedding highlights (with a few low lights thrown in for flava!)...

Josie and her friends were at Loft 11 (where we got maddied) by like one o'clock (we were gettin' maddied at six). I was home, hanging with Stewie. By two-thirty, I was getting fidgety, and figured I may as well get over there myself. One problem - once there, I had nothing to do. Josie didn't want me to see her, so I just sat in the back by myself while workers prepared the ceremony space.

The ceremony was great - it was performed by Pastor April of The Church of the Ancient Ways. Have to admit that I was slightly disappointed, as I kind of expected her to walk in wearing a hooded robe like a druid. One of the readings was a synopsis of our first few e-mails to each other on (where we met). I'll post it later.

Before the wedding, Josie mentioned a few times how she thought she may cry during the ceremony. I thought my vows (we'd written our own) would assuredly open her tear ducts so I brought tissues with me. They're still in my pocket as she never shed a tear (except when I stepped on her while dancing). I still can't believe that. But, she did look stunning... heck, I almost cried.

The food was ridiculously good (catered by Thomas Preti). Fact is, most people remember one thing from weddings - the food (and if anything embarrassing happened), so we decided to spend our (well, her parents') money there. Funny thing is though everything as awesome, I think just as many people mentioned the hot dogs in jackets as they mentioned the mini-lamb chops, peking duck rolls, butternut squash soup shots (w/toasted cheese on side), etc. Lesson is, no matter what kinda even yer plannin', make sher ya got franks in blankets. I'll bet Obama has 'em at his inauguration. You watch.

First Dance - Just What I Needed by The Cars - We were sposed to take some lessons given our offbeat choice, but we were too busy, so we just winged it. The three and a half minutes felt like about ten, but thankfully, everyone dug our choice and some even joined in (with the DJ's and our prodding).

Speaking of, the DJ was awesome - even the catering staff told me they'd heard a lot of DJ's (obviously) and this dude was one of the best. He said that he was gonna tear the roof off of the place, and he did. By ten o'clock, I was sweatin' like Patrick Ewing in 2002.

The cake was a stack of cupcakes from Sugar Sweet Sunshine. I picked them out myself, so you know they ruled. Josie surprised me with a "Groom's Cake," making my own idea come to life! Yup, a tower of Hostess goodness. Pictures to come.

Since we didn't have any bridal party (it would have been too embarrassing for me - Josie has tons of friends, while I have...nevermind), we had an open mic for toasts - anyone had the opp to sign up and say a few words. I highly recommend inviting a few comics to your wedding for this reason alone. Several people told me how much fun this part was. Of course, none of my friends from back home (or my brother) spoke, so it looked like all my friends are comics I've met in the last few years. Whatever...

Speaking of, though our wedding definitely had a unique quality about it, I don't think any one thing was particularly unique, unless, you've never heard a toast end with, "Umm...well, whatever," before handing the microphone over, as Josie's father's toast ended.

The last song of the wedding was Don't Stop Believing by Journey. If our first dance felt like ten minutes, this felt like twenty. Why? Hearing the first chords brought everyone under forty onto the circumference of the dance floor (Josie's brother ended a conversation he was having with his folks in mid-sentence), where they locked arm-in-arm and swayed to Steve Perry's soaring vocals. Fine... but Josie and I were in the middle. Picture that...what were we sposed to do? Well, we sung, swayed a bit, for all I remember, I may've played air guitar....I really don't know. And I don't really wanna know.

I haven't seen the video yet, but I'm curious to see what our videographer's done. We decided to give a girl out of college her first gig. In her e-mail to me, she assured me that she graduated from the top of her class with a 3.907 GPA, and never got below an A- in any film class. So, yeah, I'm curious (don't get too excited...she left before Journey took the stage).

That's it for now... I hate long posts anyway...Will post anything important I forgot and write a honeymoon recap later, or manana.

Rock On,



Caitlin said...

Congratulations to you both! It sounds like it was everything you wanted it to be and more. I love the idea of Twinkies as a wedding cake! So happy to see you guys happy. We will have to set up a time to get together and share a toast!

Harris said...

hey caitlin,

yeah! definitely!

rock on,


Kirsten said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! BTW, did Eggbert show up?