Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Honeymoon - Part One

A few stories from our honeymoon in Mexico...

When we got off the plane, the dude we were sposed to meet told us the shuttle to the hotel will be there in fifteen minutes, "which is an hour in Mexican time." I guess the Caribbean doesn't have a monopoly on that joke - I think I hear that every time I go away, but I do recall that in Jamaica, after dinner the first night, I started ordering my check during the appetizers (or I'd be there for four hours).

As warned, due to the guest/chair ratio, guests at the hotel put towels on lounge chairs by the pool really 6:30 AM early. Then they went back to sleep. By 8 AM, every chair was taken, though very few people were out.

Can you imagine if people did this in New York? Like if someone went to a sports bar on Sunday morning, put a towel and some flip-flops on a stool and then left for a few hours? I'd love to see the argument when he got back, asked where his flip-flops were and was directed to the bathroom...stall number two.

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