Friday, November 21, 2008

Run In The Other Direction

Whenever my mom begins a sentence with, "I'm just curious," I know two things...

1 - She's about to rant about something and
2 - She's not just curious.

Case in point -

A couple of weeks ago we were having lunch together when she asked, "I'm just curious*, did you or Josie buy my birthday card?"
btw - her birthday was months ago - this (whatever "this" will be) had apparently been eating at her for awhile.
"Um, I don't remember...why?" I did remember. We were late so we just used one that we had lying around.
"No, I'm just asking...'cause it wasn't the normal kind of card you get for me."
"Well, I don't remember."
"Here, let me show you." She pulled it out of her bag. She'd been carrying it around for three months. "Usually, you get me cards with sayings, this one doesn't even say "Mom" on it."
"Okay, well, I don't really remember where I got it."
"Next year, you buy a card."
"So, how's your turkey?"

Rock On,


* cue my Spidey senses.


Josh Homer said...

but I guess it's only funny looking from the outside.

Harris said...

hey josh homer,

yeah, hilarious to YOU...headache inducing for me.

Rock On,


josie said...

i can't wait for thanksgiving!