Tuesday, November 18, 2008

When Do We Wax On, Wax Off?

Last night, the Harris Bloom NY Karate Tour continued. Last time, I tried Premier Martial Arts, this time, I visited the Kokushi Budo Institute.

I watched from the sideline (I wore sweats in case they asked if I wanted to try - they did not). There were only three people in the class (four if you want to include the teacher's assistant), which is good as they have time to help out anyone who is at a lower level (or really uncoordinated, which is what I worry about). Weekend classes are busier.

Whereas Premier had a certain Kobra Kai feel to it, this class gets as close to Mr. Miyagi teaching Daniel-san as you're gonna get. The teacher is referred to as "sensei," all of the signalling was in Japanese and there is no fighting (at any level). It's all about technique (and role play fighting).

I really liked watching one of the students, a dude in his late-forties, his hair, graying around the temples, and in a pony tail. At one point, he left the student line to do an exaggerated "dance," stomping down. He then got a tissue from his bag and cleaned something off the mat. When the sensei went over, the guy said, "It was just a bug...I didn't want others to step on it and slip."

Another time, he stepped out of the line while grabbing his thigh, and explained, "I'm sorry sensei, but my quadriceps are tight." That scene repeated itself a few times.

Though it didn't look nearly as strenuous as the other class, it had a poetry to it, what I pictured classes for those truly interested in learning martial arts to look like.

Tomorrow, the tour heads downtown to this place. Details to come...

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