Sunday, October 5, 2008

This One Is Brilliant!

Here's my latest installment of "Screenplay Ideas" -

This one will follow the concept if the mismatched buddy cop movie, where both cops are half-black and half-white.

The conceit is that one office has a white dad and black mom, whereas the other has a black dad and a white mom.

Hilarity ensues (and some crime-fighting)

Rock On,



Josh Homer said...

is this going to star me and Kantad?

Harris said...

hey josh homer,

no. why? I was thinking me and matt damon.

rock on,


David said...

Meanwhile back at the station house, maybe you can write in a role for me.

I'm half Irish and half Jewish but not really since my father was the Jewish contributor and that doesn't count with the whole Judaism passes through the womb thing. A fellow half Jewish-half Irish officer but with a Jewish mother could be paired with me.

Anyway, your idea is a good one, mine not so much but it might work with the audience in Boca.

Harris said...

Hey david,

...only if Woody Allen plays one of the cops, and maybe Nathan Lane the other.

rock on,