Monday, October 20, 2008

Moving Violation

So, our movers were really great - nothing broke and they finished our move faster than they'd guesstimated.

However, parking outside our new apartment, they got a ticket. They told me when the move was finished, while I was signing off on everything (the hours, satisfaction, etc.) The foreman said that if I didn't sign off on the ticket then I didn't have to pay it.
"Yeah, if you don't sign off, we pay it."
Feeling bad for the guys since they did a good job, I asked to clarify, "You mean you pay?"
"No, the company."
"Oh," I replied and after thinking about it, asked, "Then why would I sign it?"
"I wouldn't."
So, I didn't.

Afterwards, I wondered if I'd done "the right thing." I mean, it would be different if they'd asked if I wanted to take a chance...sorta laying it out for me, but they didn't. I don't think I did anything wrong from a moral perspective. Or did I?

Rock On,



David said...

I'm guessing you didn't drive the truck, you didn't choose the parking location and you didn't fail have proper permits or orange cones around it.

They are the professional movers, they should be well acquainted with the regulations.

I think you are on fine moral ground.

Harris said...

hey david,


rock on,


molly said...

no,no, did the right thing. don't look back.