Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's Like Allergy Roulette

Saw this sign in Dunkin' Donuts...
They can't tell us if their Boston Creme donuts have peanuts?


Kirsten said...

I know it looks silly, but I'm glad they have that sign up. My son has such a severe peanut allergy that if he eats something that even touched a peanut previously, he could go into shock, stop breathing and die. He can't even have plain M&M's because they are made on the same machinery as the peanut ones. People don't understand how bad it can be.

Thanks for the info! Now I know not to go to Dunkin' Donuts!!

David said...

As ill-logical as that seems on the surface, I've learned that even being processed in the same factory as tree nuts and peanuts can leave vague amounts of dusty residue that would render flour from the same factory hazardous to the severly allergic.

This screams lawyer-speak. Rather than actually determine the risks of their ingredients, they just assume all are at risk and put the burder of it all on the consumers shoulders.

Otherwise I have no clue.


Harris said...

hey kirsten and david,

i hear both of ya... I thought this was funny/weird, but I gues it's actually a public service post, so thanks!

Rock On,