Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Live From the Cabo Azul Resort and Spa!


Lots to tell y'all, but if I spend too much time online, Josie will make herself a widow.

The wedding was better than we'd imagined and as good as we'd hoped. This resort rocks (though we did just sit with a Tom Skerritt lookalike, while he cut-up and ate spaghetti in front of us while trying to sell us a time share. Then he told how bad the spaghetti was.)

More in a day or two (or five).

Rock On,



David said...

Oh Aitch

Please tell me you did not waste the time of your honeymoon listening to the spiel of time share salesmen.

I hope you enjoy Cabo

Harris said...

hey david,

we did..on bright side, with the money they gave us, Josie got her first stone massage...and we bought ten bottles of water, four diet cokes, a few apples, a jar of planters peanuts, two candy bars, and a box of granola bars.

rock on,