Saturday, October 4, 2008

What's The Deal WIth Birthday's?!? Am I Right, People?!?

As you can imagine, anyone who even dabbles in comedy can tell you stories of strangers asking them to tell a joke. Or of giving them a joke for the stage. For me, depending on my mood, I'll either oblige, or ask for ten bucks, since that's what it would cost you normally to watch me work.

Last night, Josie and I went to a bud's birthday party. Twas truly a night to remember... at least as far as comedy goes (though nothing I'd use on stage).

When my bud announced that I was a comic, not only did pretty much everyone there ask me to do a few minutes (including my bud) but they (including Josie) started chanting, "COM! ED! DY! COM! ED DY!" I resisted.

After having sat at our table for about an hour, this woman sitting across from me said, "You're not a comedian, right?"
I replied, "That's right, I'm actually so humorless that my friends call me "The Comedian" in an ironical way.

Another guy told me had a joke for me to use. I don't really recall it other than that it involved a
"black man walking into a bar" and I told him after that I can't really use it cause, "I work clean."
"Oh... too bad."

When we said good night to my bud's parents his dad asked for a some jokes. I obliged, leaving them laughing.
"See? Was that so hard?" Josie asked.
"I guess not."

And as we were walking out another guest said, "You're leaving?"
"Come on, tell me a joke!"
"Fine...So, this black guy walked into a bar...."

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