Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I'm Laughing Though It's Not Really Funny

I got an email from Andy Engel, the New Talent Director at Comix Comedy Club.

He's offering a FREE DVD of your set when you book a New Talent Showcase spot by 12/31. Out of curiosity, I e-mailed back, asking when are the shows, how many people you have to bring, and how much time do I get on stage?

He wrote me, asking for my phone number - I assumed he wanted to discuss it, maybe even give me a special deal if he's trying to get this show off the ground.

When he called, the first thing he said was, "It's only seven bucks cover but you have to bring fifteen friends."
"Fifteen? I can't do that." More like, I don't wanna do that.
"Oh, okay, well, if your situation changes, call me."


Rock On,



Anonymous said...

I just got suckered by him. I feel so stupid. I did a show there on Tuesday and brought 13 people and he said not to worry and I'd still get my free DVD. He emailed me today to tell me he'd changed his mind and I'd have to pay $40 for it. He flat-out fucking lied to me. Also, it's 6 minutes of stage time and he charged my guests $10 and everyone else's guests $7 cover. WTF is that about? I feel so stupid. However, I feel good knowing that one day I will be famous and successful and he won't be on my friend list.
Why isn't there more bad press about this ass? I don't know any comedians who like or respect him.

Harris said...

Why isn't there more bad press? Casue everyone's afraid of pissing off anyone in comedy - from the moment you start, people are telling you not to burn bridges, and what a small community it is - very few like me, who'll call it as he/she sees it

i could tell from that three minute phone conversation that he was more than a lil sketchy.

even you - you posted this anonymously - why?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm weak and scared of burning bridges. Like you said. Comedy is incestuous and if you're labeled as "difficult" early on, it's bad news, right?

Harris said...

to be honest, i worry more about just being true to myself - maybe i'm different than most, but my attitude is, if sucking up, or even holding my tongue, about the Andy Engel's of the comedy world is what it takes to make it, than i dont wanna make it.

Anonymous said...

Andy is the Devil. Harris is a goddamn sweetheart. And yes, I know them both. Plus Harris's mom is *awesome* cool. Yes, you know who this is, Harris... shh.

Joe Romby Jr. said...

Harris: I've always loved and admired your willingness to call out users and deceivers in "our little world" (if I may consider myself a part of it), but I think there is a difference when a comic has a good job in "their world" and doesn't really need to rely on comedy to survive.
Joe(Anonymous)Romby Jr.