Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The NYC Underground Comedy Festival

Due to my age, it's not easy for me to get selected to perform at comedy festivals, where they're always looking for the fresh, young face.*

*It couldn't possibly be due to my lack of talent. Actually, I'll blog later, or manana, about age discrimination in comedy.

ANYWAY, though I was passed over for the main show in the NYC Underground Comedy Festival - I was selected to be in the "Best of the Rest" show. Man, do I hate that name. I hate it so much that I actually thought of declining the invite, but then decided to keep my nose.

If anyone reading this is in NY on Tuesday, October 7th, I'll be competing against the rest of the also-rans at HA! Comedy Club, in Times Square. Show starts at 7:30 PM - You can buy tickets here...

If you use "BOTR" in the discount code box, you get half off tickets.

Rock On,


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