Thursday, April 16, 2009


Talking to a friend last night...

Her - I voted for you like three times already!
Me - But I've sent you out daily email reminders for two weeks.
Her - Well, I don't check that email every day.
Me - That email?
Her - Yeah, I have two, one that I check every day, and the other where I get all my other stuff.



Anonymous said...

I actually have five e-mails! But they forward all to one. So I'd still get your e-mail anyway...and oh, I've voted every day! Do I get a prize of some kind?

Harris said...

of course you do... the satisfaction of a job well done!

if that's not enough, have your wife give you a pat on the back.

you also have my eternal gratitude...but only if I win, and even then, only till the glow of victory wears I guess it's not "eternal" - you have my temporary gratitude!