Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I Am Killing My Wife's Dreams

When Josie quit smoking two years ago, she ran a half-marathon six months later...a sort of challenge, mixed with a celebration of her healthier lungs and lifestyle.

She'd decided to do it again this year, running in a half marathon at the beginning of May. The training has been a lot tougher, she says, in part due to having me at home.

Two years ago, she was single and had no one waiting at home for her so she didn't mind spending more time at the gym. So it's my fault.

It may also be due to the pizza and garlic knots we get every time we pass Cheesy Pizza on our way home from, well, anywhere.



Kirsten said...

I thought you might wait at least a year to crush Josie's dreams!

Harris said...

eh...why put off to tomorrow...


josie said...

no, it's all you. the pizza and garlic knots are a part of my training regimen.